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Skin Wellness 

Center for Advanced Dermatology and Laser

Acne and Scars

Good acne and acne scar management

Skin Wellness is known for personalized acne and scar treatment providing the best and affordable options for expertly managed and performed procedures. Procedures are all performed by our Skin Wellness Dermatologist.


At Skin Wellness, we treat acne and acne scars with a personalized program. The medicines and procedures that we suggest would depend on your skin type, sun exposure, lifestyle and budget.

During the discussion, our dermatologist will give you options, the pros and cons to every treatment and the possible downtime.

We offer the TOP protocol for acne:


ORAL : includes anti- biotics, Isotretinoin program , hormonal pills, spironolactone etc.

PROCEDURAL: Photodynamic therapy, Laser acne clearance, Diamond and Hydrapeel, Chemical peels, Acne Surgery, Intralesional injection


There are different treatment approaches for making acne scars smaller and less visible.

These procedures produce best results when combined. The acne scar program depends on the type of scars (ice pick, soft contoured, box scars,hypertrophic scars, hyperpigmented scars) , the available downtime for a patient and budget.

During the consultation with our Skin Wellness Dermatologist, your scars will be identified and the most prominent ones will be given priority.

There are targetted treatments ( TCA CROSS for ice pick scars , Subcision for soft contoured and box scars etc) and holistic treatments (fractional lasers, collagen induction, platelet rich plasma etc) . We offer these procedures with proper pre-and post- op patient care, international protocols, proper techniques.

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