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Microneedling / Dermaroller FAQs

  Frequently asked questions on CLINICAL dermaroller performed by a dermatologist. (Please Read)

Is dermaroller painful?

This procedure is done with topical anesthesia and most patients ,when asked to grade pain intensity (grade one being least painful and grade ten being most painful) , most of them experienced grade of 3 to 5 . The whole procedure was described as very tolerable.

What is the interval of each treatment?

Recommended interval is 4 weeks.

Is dermaroller safe?

Safety can only be guaranteed if procedure is done by a doctor. Instruments (purchased from the clinic) are sterilized with strict hospital based standards using Perasafe and Cidex , ammonia solution and Ultraviolet exposure that are clinically proven to kill bacterias and viruses, including HIV and Hepatitis. Dermarollers are kept 24/7 in our UV sterilizer , properly labelled and sealed with your signature and will be presented to you sealed and untampered on your next session. or simply you may bring it home, just make sure it will not be contaminated.

Any post procedure precautions?

Infection must be prevented, thus proper sterilization and anti microbials will be given after each treatment. It is also advised to keep away from public areas after the procedure to reduce chances of infection.

What is the advantage of having the dermaroller treatment done by a doctor and in a clinic set up?

Dermaroller to be effective involves “Clinical End Points” which only a doctor is knowledgeable of to maximize its efficacy and proper technique and handling, especially Aseptic techniques to minimize infection.

Dermaroller also may trigger some pressure reacting skin problems (example urticaria, immediate type hypersensitivity reactions) will be addressed by a doctor right away.

Most of our clients have tried DIY dermarolling before having actual clinical collagen induction , and they found it very difficult to do DIY, with very poor results too, especially on acne scars. And so, most still resort to 'dermatologist' performed procedures, and they agree that this is still the best solution to acne scarring.

How long is the downtime?

Downtime is usually 24 to 72 hours. You will look like you were SUNBURNED. Mild peeling of the skin will occur up to the 7th day.


What is ultrasonic treatment?

Ultrasonic treatment (Also known as UltraThermal Lift, Sonophoresis, Iontophoresis) is an added feature of the Dermaroller package , this is a process of stimulating the collagen and elastin fibers thru ultrasound technology and helps infuse medicines under the skin and we offer it for Free!

Ultrasound is among the most widely-used technologies in the skin care and medical industries. At available frequencies of more than 20,000 hertz, powerful ultrasonic waves radiate invisible micro-vibrations deep within the cells, helping stimulate the skin's natural repair mechanisms.

Ultrasound waves provide a safe, painless method of technologically advanced skin care and enhancement, simultaneously producing beneficial thermal, mechanical and chemical effects.

By increasing the skin temperature, ultrasound stimulates blood circulation, bringing more oxygen and healing nutrients to the areas treated. As heat penetrates further into the tissues, ultrasound promotes collagen and elastin production.

Among the mechanical effects, ultrasound's high-speed vibrations effectively micro-massage the tissues, improving collagen metabolism and activating collagen production.

On a chemical level, ultrasound can promote the synthesis of protein inside cells and speed regeneration of damaged connective tissues. Ultrasound also improves skin elasticity, smoothes connective tissues and tones muscles.


Vitamin C is essential for elastin- and collagen formation. Increases wound healing.

Vitamin E is an anti oxidant.

Collagen and Elastin are proteins and are the o major building blocks under your skin to help keep wrinkles at bay. Low levels of collagen and elastin are major reasons contributing to your skin becoming wrinkly. Collagen is also the major component in scar improvement.

Glutathione , an anti oxidant, makes skin fairer. Decreases chances of pigmentation.

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Before and After

DERMAROLLER BEFORE AND AFTER PHOTOS Courtesy of online dermaroller information sites.




Prices may change without prior notice.