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Leg and Body Scars

Leg and Body Scars

Types of Scars

Hyperpigmented scars

Hypopigmented scars

Depressed / Atrophic scars

Keloids/ Hypertrophic Scars 


Treatment Options

 Treatments depend on the type of scars and the skin tendencies.

Chemical Peel (Personalized Formula) 

A good starter treatment for multiple hyperpigmented scars 


Melanogenesis - Collagen Induction therapy 

For Depressed / Atrophic / Hypopigmented scars


 Precise Resurfacing Laser PREFACE

For hyperpigmented scars. the best we have seen to far. This is being done on each scar. 


Intralesional Corticoisteroid Injection 

For Keloids and Hypertrophic Scars 




Last Updated: August 6,2017


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